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Uwe Zdun uwe.zdun at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Jul 8 15:40:13 CEST 2002


as far as I know, at the moment no such effort exists. In the very beginning 
of designing XOTcl, we had thought about it, but actually we came never back 
to this idea, though it is surely an interesting one. Our decision for the 
C-based solution was mainly based on efficiency considerations. However, now 
I'm pretty sure that a pure Tcl xotcl-lite would perform at a reasonable 
speed. Some things would be really tricky, but in a lite version most of them 
could be left out. 

So the tcl only version idea is around for quite some while. If a few people 
would like to help building such a lite version I would definitely 
contribute, but at the moment, I fear, I don't have the time to start-off 
developing it on my own ... the problem is that starting off with something 
could be done relatively quick, but getting it to an industrial level so that 
its accepted in tcllib would be much, much more work ...


On Saturday 06 July 2002 02:12 pm, Maurice Diamantini wrote:
> Bonjour à tous,
> I'd like to try a tcl object system, but I'm looking for a system
> that support a lite version in tcl only, so that I can keep an
> interpeted version of an application.
> I know there is stooop which has the big advantage of beeing
> part of the tcllib. But I dont like C++ very much (:-), and I'm
> not sure there is a compiled version of stooop
> There is itcl for which there is a tcl only lite version.
> The advantage of itcl is that it is very wide range ported,
> and it seems easier to install that xotcl. Also I is to
> be much like a standard tcl extension.
> But I like the concept of xoctl, which seems more
> dynamic and powerfull than itcl, and keep the tcl phylosophy
> So my question is :
> Does a tcl only version of xotcl exists (or about to exists)
> which would be a subset of xotcl.
> The main fonctionnality I like is a simple inheritage feature
> and some introspection (which methods is supported by
> this class?, ...)
> If such a xotcl-lite version could be put is the tcllib, then
> I think it would be the best mean to make xoctl widly use
> (and the the standard tcl object system)
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