[Xotcl] Xoctl lite tcl only version

Maurice Diamantini diam at mac.com
Sat Jul 6 14:12:24 CEST 2002

Bonjour à tous,

I'd like to try a tcl object system, but I'm looking for a system
that support a lite version in tcl only, so that I can keep an
interpeted version of an application.

I know there is stooop which has the big advantage of beeing
part of the tcllib. But I dont like C++ very much (:-), and I'm
not sure there is a compiled version of stooop

There is itcl for which there is a tcl only lite version.
The advantage of itcl is that it is very wide range ported,
and it seems easier to install that xotcl. Also I is to
be much like a standard tcl extension.

But I like the concept of xoctl, which seems more
dynamic and powerfull than itcl, and keep the tcl phylosophy

So my question is :
Does a tcl only version of xotcl exists (or about to exists)
which would be a subset of xotcl.

The main fonctionnality I like is a simple inheritage feature
and some introspection (which methods is supported by
this class?, ...)

If such a xotcl-lite version could be put is the tcllib, then
I think it would be the best mean to make xoctl widly use
(and the the standard tcl object system)

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