[Xotcl] about Object's cset....

Kristoffer Lawson setok at fishpool.com
Thu Dec 27 14:23:08 CET 2001

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Gustaf Neumann wrote:

>  what are the general opinions: 
>   - add it again to the predefined set
>   - add it as a separate package
>   - do nothing (hope for better "set" methods)
>   - others?

Personally I'd like to see the XOTcl core kept as small as possible.
You could maybe have an XOTcl utilities package which includes stuff
like cset and other often used useful functions. OTOH it's not maybe good
to wait for better "set" methods in Tcl itself. My guess is that will
take a while, if not already in 8.4a3, or planned for a4? Haven't heard
anything about them myself.

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