[Xotcl] XOTcl and Thread

Krzysztof Frukacz frukacz.krzysztof at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 14:27:13 CET 2011

Hello again,

I am trying to add multi-threaded support for my application. I now face 
a problem witch combining XOTCl and Thread. The problem is that 
::thread::create creates a new instance of interpreter which has own 
variables. I can have variables shared between threads using ::tsv 
functions. So here is how it looks:

1. Thread #1 creates object myObject and stores in a shared variable:
::tsv::set array1 key1 [MyClass myObject]

2. Thread #2 gets the shared variable and tries to call a proc defined 
for MyClass:
set localVar [::tsv::get array1 key1]
$localVar doSomething

At this point second thread will throw en exception saying:
Unknown command 'myObject'

What would be the proper way to "register" the object myObject (which 
already exists) in another thread?


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