[Xotcl] troubleshooting

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Sat Nov 27 14:50:53 CET 2010

Hi Victor,

you are most probably using a version of Tcl 8.6 with the 
"saner NRE" patch of Miguel Sofer from end of Sept, which 
changed the argument list of that function. It seems, that 
someone has merged this patch to CVS head recently. 
Currently Tcl 8.6b1 has no means to detect this version, but 
it will change, once 8.6b2 is out.

Until then, please uncomment the line

   #define NRE_SANE_PATCH 1

in generic/nsfInt.h

-gustaf neumann

On 27.11.10 04:48, Victor Mayevski wrote:
> Hello Gustaf,
> I have the following problem when trying to compile NX on freshly
> installed Linux x86 system against latest TCL 8.6 from SourceForge
> CVS.
> ./generic/nsf.c: In function ‘MethodDispatchCsc’:
> ./generic/nsf.c:6959: error: too many arguments to function
> ‘tclIntStubsPtr->tclNRRunCallbacks’
> make: *** [nsf.o] Error 1
> Thank you
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