[Xotcl] Very severe limitation in XOTcl

Kristoffer Lawson setok at scred.com
Thu Aug 5 12:49:29 CEST 2010

On 5 Aug 2010, at 13:38, Gustaf Neumann wrote:

> For XOTcl 2.0, the behavior for this example is like in XOTcl 1.* (it has to be
> for compatibility for many one-liners out there), for the new syntax, you get an
> error message (... and,  by default, one has to use "Car create c1"  instead of
> "Car c1",  since the latter is dangerous as well).

Yeah, I agree the latter is dangerous, if in a different way. Basically you can end up with really obscure bugs if you mistype "instproc" somewhere. I speak with experience :-)

Must get round to reading your papers on XOTcl 2.0. They're open and waiting for me to get round to them...

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