[Xotcl] Very severe limitation in XOTcl

Kristoffer Lawson setok at scred.com
Thu Aug 5 12:21:39 CEST 2010

On 5 Aug 2010, at 12:11, Gustaf Neumann wrote:

> Am 05.08.10 10:38, schrieb Kristoffer Lawson:
>> Yes, this is also true for setting a parameter:
>> Car new -doors $amount
>> If $amount contains a dash, it'll do a method call.
> Well, "contains" is too strong,
> "starts with a dash followed by alpha" is precise.

Sorry, yes. I need to check still what 2.0 does with:

Car c1 $a

where $a starts with a dash.

>    Class Car -parameter {{doors:integer 4}}
>    Car c1 -doors -2
>    Car c2 -doors a-b
> to trigger an error on "c2", or better define your own checker "posint"
>     Class Car -parameter {{doors:posint 4}}
> to get already errors on c1.

I think these are fine. Errors when given a parameter of the wrong type are totally expected, and cannot be abused to execute code with bad values.

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