[Xotcl] proper way to access xotcl classes

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu May 8 17:59:00 CEST 2008

Matthew Smith schrieb:
>     Putting in:
>      s1 push a
>     results in an error, however I can do:
> what is the error? this indicates that you have not defined the method 
> push correctly
> I get:
>  invalid command name "s1"
this indicates, that you have not created an object s1. Your program
should look like the following.....

hope this helps
-gustaf neumann

package require XOTcl; namespace import ::xotcl::*

Class Stack
Stack instproc init {} {
    my instvar things
    set things ""
Stack instproc push {thing} {
    my instvar things
    set things [concat [list $thing] $things]
    return $thing
Stack instproc pop {} {
    my instvar things
    set top [lindex $things 0]
    set things [lrange $things 1 end]
    return $top

set s1 [Stack new]

s1 push a
s1 push b

set x [s1 pop]
puts "The popped value is $x"

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