[Xotcl] full trace support for XOTcl methods/procs

Eckhard Lehmann eckhardnospam at gmx.de
Wed Jan 2 20:26:32 CET 2008

Kristoffer Lawson schrieb:
>> I see that there is no need for another interception technique, but 
>> it would be really helpful to have the current filter techiques also 
>> applied to ordinary Tcl code inside methods.
> Why not just use the Tcl [trace] command for the normal Tcl commands?
How would you do that, together with filters? enterstep/leavestep work 
only in Tcl proc's, while filters work only on objects. How could this 
be mixed - as methods are composed of calls to objects (e.g. [my], 
[self])  as well as ordinary Tcl code?
As long as it is separated, fine. But for Tcl statements in object 
methods it seems more difficult to me.


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