[Xotcl] two crashy issues // 1.5.x

Nico L'INSALATA (UniPI) nicola.linsalata at iet.unipi.it
Mon Jul 23 19:45:07 CEST 2007

Hi there!
I don't know if the following information will help or will create more

I'm using XOTcl 1.5.3 compiled from scratch against Tcl 8.4.5.
I've been able to reproduce the bug using the tcl shell installed on my
system (info patchlevel ==>8.4.9).

Surprisingly, everything works fine if I source your scripts in the Tcl
shell embedded in the commercial software I'm working with (info
patchlevel ==>

> Object o
> o eval {set x [::xotcl::self]}
> o set x
> o eval {set x [::xotcl::self]::nested}
> o set x
> set cmd {::xotcl::Object [::xotcl::self]::nested}
> o eval $cmd
RETURNS /> ::o::nested

II'm at your disposal for providing you any additional info you might
find interesting if you believe this could give hints for debugging,


Stefan Sobernig wrote:
> I attached two scripts, each reproducing bugs
> I found with most recent versions of XOTcl
> (1.5.2/1.5.3).
> Bug -1-: Argument declarations to proc/instproc
> containing a single empty tcl string yield a segfault/bus error.
> Bug -2-: Nesting objects through per-object evals (evals
> in the object scope) yields segfaults/bus errors under
> certain conditions.
> all the best,
> //stefan
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