[Xotcl] segmentation faults and bus errors

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Jul 23 10:45:07 CEST 2007

Hi Ben,

I am not aware of the symptoms, you are describing. we reload scripts 
espesically in the openacs environment (openacs.org, reloading contents 
is part
of the normal develoment cycle). I use it here as well under linux and OS X.

a few qestions:
 - are you sure, that you compile and run with the same tcl version?
   (if you have multiple tcl versions on your system, use --with-tcl
   during configure; i doubt this is the problem in your case, since
   you say, it happens on OS X and Linux, but still worth to check).
 - which Tcl version are you using exactly?
 - are you using tcl (and xotcl) with theads enabled?
 - uses the code threads?
 - uses the code tcl traces? (e.g. via slots through type-checker,
   initcmd, valuechangecmd)

The biggest help would be to distill a short script that shows the bug.
It might also help to determine, where the code exactly dies. Compile
tcl and xotcl with -g and run the script under gdb (call "gdb <yourtclsh>"
and source the xotcl code; when the code dies, send me the output,
and type in "where" and send me this output as well).
One might get a hint, what happend.

-gustaf neumann

Ben Thomasson schrieb:
> Hello again,
> I bring bad news.  I am receiving seg faults and bus errors while
> running XOTcl code.  I am running XOTcl 1.5.3 and Tcl 8.4 on both
> Linux x86 and OS X PPC. I received the errors randomly on both
> platforms.  This started occuring when I reloaded the source code.  At
> first I thought it was related to Tcl packaging, but I mostly removed
> calls to package require and package forget.  Currently I just use
> source to load most files.   I am writing code generation libraries
> and using Object eval so I may be doing new things with XOTcl.    How
> should I go about debugging these seg faults?  Are core dumps useful?
>   I'll try to write a script that reproduces the problem, but I
> haven't really narrowed the problem down yet.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ben
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