[Xotcl] XOTcl 1.5.4 available

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Tue Aug 14 19:49:56 CEST 2007

Announcing XOTcl 1.5.4

We are pleased to announce the availability of XOTcl 1.5.4.
Originally, this release was planned as a small bug fix release. However,
the total size of the (unified) diff between 1.5.3 and 1.5.4 is more
than 5000 lines, mostly due to the varRefom changes (see first
item below).

Major changes relative to 1.5.4 are:

    * Improved code quality:

      + provided compatibility with Tcl 8.5
          (currently, this requires the verison of Tcl 8.5
         from CVS head, including the changes for VarReform
         (For details, see 

      + improved serializer
         (handling var traces for instances variables)

      + several small bug-fixes
          (e.g. fixing empty variable names, error message
          propagation for configure, fixing potential crashes,
          when namespaces are added to objects during
          <object> eval, etc.)

      + improved portablility for more platforms
          (more portable shell tests for e.g. FreeBSD)

      + extended regression test

 For more details about the changes, please consult the ChangeLog and

  General and more detailed information about XOTcl and its components
  can be found at http://www.xotcl.org

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