AW: [Xotcl] Children object shadows parent objects method

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Wed Nov 22 15:41:23 CET 2006


It's not a bug it's a feature.
Children object can be accessed per shortcuts like methods.

my mychild childmethod par1 par2

It can be confusing about reading such code.

therefore I use by coding XOTclIDE convencion that all child objects
beginns with @
Also XOTclIDE syntax checker will understand this.
so the code will look

my @mychild childmethod par1 par2

Anyway I use often methods call like this

[my info parent] parentMethod

why not a shourtcut for it

my parent parentMethod

Artur Trzewik

> I just joined this list to get this help. I am seeing this behaviour.
>It is giving lot of inconvenience to me. I want to know if it is a bug
>or not -?.
> In short, if I have a children object as the same name as parent
>object's proc/instproc . The parent object's method is not getting called.
> Here is a sample code.
>  Object a 
>  Object a proc name {} {
>   return "I am valli"
>  }
>  a name          # returns "I am valli"
>  Object a::name  # Child object with same name as the proc
>  a name          # returns  ::a::name and not the previous message
> Is this the desired behaviour. Is there any workaround. 
>valli at
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