[Xotcl] Weird behaviour

Murr, Florian florian.murr at siemens.com
Thu Jan 5 16:30:40 CET 2006

Thanks a lot!
While trying to understand your suggestions, I further simplified my own
code and found the problem.

It was all my fault!

 In the slave interpreter 'Celsius2Kelvin' is an unknown proc and
therefor a room-object with this name gets created and I got confused. -
I definitly have to get some rest soon :-)

Sorry for having bothered you and thanks for your suggestions!
- Florian 

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i am somewhat confused be the code (why are you creating and deleting 
is the following code doing, what you are trying? (aggregates rooms on 
floors with a simple syntax)

package require XOTcl
namespace import -force ::xotcl::*

namespace eval tih {
  Class Floor \
      -instproc has cmds {eval $cmds}
  Class Room -superclass Class \
      -parameter {{count 0} currTemp} \
      -instproc new args {
    set name "[self callingobject]::[namespace tail [self]]-[my incr
    eval [self] create $name $args

  Room room -parameter {{currTemp 300}}
  Room guestRoom -superclass room
  Room bathRoom -superclass room
  Room guestBathRoom -superclass bathRoom

  proc Celsius2Kelvin {a} { expr {$a+273.15} }

  Floor floor3 -has {
    guestRoom new
    guestBathRoom new -currTemp [Celsius2Kelvin 30]

  puts "rooms on floor 3: [floor3 info children]"
  foreach c [floor3 info children] {
    puts "temperature in room $c is [$c currTemp]"

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