[Xotcl] Weird behaviour

Murr, Florian florian.murr at siemens.com
Thu Jan 5 14:04:26 CET 2006

I extracted the code below from a very large XOTcl program that I am
developing right now.
The output of the last line 'puts "uuuuu guest_bathroom3
[guest_bathroom3 currTemp]"' puzzles me!
If I uncomment the line 'set temp [Celsius2Kelvin 20]' the output is
even weirder (an error message).
Any helpful comments?

 - Florian

My code:

package require XOTcl
namespace import xotcl::my  xotcl::self  xotcl::next  xotcl::Class
namespace eval tih {
    Class Floor -parameter {
         {cubicles {}}
    Class Room -parameter {
         {cubicles {}}
    Room instparametercmd currTemp
    # --- 'unknown'-mechanism.
    Floor proc createRoom01 {floor aName args} {
        #set temp [Celsius2Kelvin 20]
        set room [eval {Room create $aName} $args]
        $floor lappend cubicles $aName
        $room set Floor $floor
    Floor instproc rooms {{a {}}} {  ;# getter/setter
        my instvar cubicles
        if {[llength $a]} {
            set itp [self]_createRoom01
            interp create $itp
            interp alias $itp unknown {} ::tih::Floor createRoom01
            set rval [$itp eval $a]
            interp delete $itp
        set rval [list]
        foreach i $cubicles {
            # xxx verbessern!
            if {[$i istype Room]} { lappend rval $i }
        set rval
    proc Celsius2Kelvin {a} { expr {$a+273.15} }
    Floor floor3 -rooms {
        guest_bathroom3 -currTemp [Celsius2Kelvin 30]
    #puts "uuuuu guest_room [guest_room currTemp]"
    puts "uuuuu guest_bathroom3 [guest_bathroom3 currTemp]"

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