[Xotcl] Non-polymorphic methods (long post)

Kurt Stoll kstoll at echelon.com
Sun Feb 26 20:24:55 CET 2006

Thanks!  That helps.  And, yes, that was what I had in mind.  I had
similarly simple examples, but, when I said that I couldn't come up with a
simple example, I meant that I couldn't come up with one that had a
justifiable need, without getting reasonably complex.  

I like both of the last two solutions, at least to some extent (the first
one is, as you said, "rude").  I had proceeded down an approach similar to
the second one, and found that it works.  It just seems as if it is a
general enough requirement that the language should have built in support
for it (and I thought it might already be there and I couldn't find it).
But, given the extensible nature of XOTcl (and Tcl, in general), I suppose I
can add it to my environment and not worry about the rest of the world.  

The last solution is one that I had not considered.  I find it intriguing
and may use it as well.  My first objection was that a class proc does not
normally have access to instance variables.  But, this can be solved by
passing in the object itself.  This still feels kind of wrong, but I can
imagine there may be times when it works.  

Finally, I did not appreciate all of the complexities that would be involved
with eliminating polymorphism.  (Of course, I don't really want to eliminate
polymorphism; I just want to start the search higher up the tree.)  I'm just
glad there is someone in a position to appreciate, understand, and plan for
these complexities.  

Thanks again,
Kurt Stoll

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