[Xotcl] xotcl 1.4.0 and windows binaries

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu Feb 23 19:04:37 CET 2006

Dear Tcl Community,

Thanks to Uwe, the windows binaries are now on www.xotcl.org.

This is most probably the last time that we provide tcl8.3* binaries.
Tcl 8.4 is out since 2002, i think there is little reason to use tcl 8.3
now. The incompatiblity is for the tcl scripts only, the c code does
not depend on tcl 8.4. For comparisons, we are moving
towards using "eq" and "ne" where appropriate. If you want
to normalize comparisons in older scripts as well, drop me a note,
i have a script for doing these changes...

best regards
-gustaf neumann

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