[Xotcl] instprocs in C

Gustaf Neumann neumann at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu Feb 16 22:24:39 CET 2006

Aamer Akhter schrieb:

>Critcl allows us to easily create tcl callable C procs. Is there
>something similar avaliable for xotcl?
>Is there any C api documentation?
There is as well a simpler way, defining e.g. a cinstproc similar to the 

lappend auto_path .
package require critcl

Class instproc cinstproc {name arglist returntype body} {
  critcl::cproc $name $arglist $returntype $body
  catch {$name} ;# there must be a better way forcing the compile!
  rename $name ::xotcl::classes[self]::$name

now one can define a Class and a cinstproc and use it.

Class C
C cinstproc triple {int i} int {
  return i * 3;    /* this is C code */

C c1
puts "three times 123 is [c1 triple 123]"

this might be already sufficient for you. Two things should be done
more beautiful:

 a) the compilation in criticl seems to be forced through unknown.
    my approach with the catch is rather crude. but i am sure, there must
    be an option.

 b) It would be nice to generate the command in the right namespace.
     i found as well no nice approach to do this.

Aamer, if you have some experience here, feedback would be welcome,


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