[Xotcl] Ordering of Children

Matthew Dodwell mjd at orcaspirit.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 14:18:28 CET 2006


Hopefully a simple question.

I'm building a tree view controller and am seeing an unexpected ordering
issue. I add with;

MemoryLineController instproc init {} {
	my AddNode "File Diagnostics"
	my AddNode "Real time Diagnostics"
	my AddNode "Graphs"
	my AddNode "Post-Processing"

MemoryLineController instproc CreateTreeview {} {

	set counter 1
	foreach childNode [my info children *gNode*] {
		$childNode BuildTreeNode [my tree] $counter
		incr counter

MemoryLineController instproc AddNode {name} {
    eval GUINode [self]::[my autoname gNode%02d] -DisplayName {$name}

So the init method adds my root level nodes
The order I get out is;
	File Diagnostics
	Real time Diagnostics
i.e. the last is displayed first and then the next 3 in order. Why is this
and what is the best way to correct it?


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