[Xotcl] Interested in OO for tcl.

Artur Trzewik mail at xdobry.de
Mon Dec 4 21:13:48 CET 2006

Jeff Hobbs schrieb:
>> Many of XOTcl features are only interesting for special 
>> scenarios such as OO-frameworks or wrapping techniques.
>> For OO-Beginners these XOTcl-Features might be not interesting:
>> - method forwarding
>> - filters
>> - meta classes
>> - slots
>> - mixins
>> - assertions, pre/post condition
>> - non positional arguments
>> - object aggregation
>> I have ordered the features from most advenced to quite 
>> practical in my opionion.
> Method forwarding (aka delegation) is an absolute must and common feature for
> megawidget development (fwiw).
Yes. But there is a difference between megawidget developer and 
developer who only use magawidget.
For using megawideg you do need to now nothing about internals of it.
Not everyone must be Tcl guru for using it.

Artur Trzewik

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