[Xotcl] TIP #257: Object Orientation for Tcl

Neil Madden nem at cs.nott.ac.uk
Mon Sep 26 21:50:46 CEST 2005

Jeff Hobbs wrote:
> I know that many on this list will be interested in the
> following TIP just propsed:
> 	TIP #257: Object Orientation for Tcl
> 	http://www.tcl.tk/cgi-bin/tct/tip/257
> This is indeed based on xotcl, but it is *not* xotcl.  There
> are good reasons for this overall (but not necessarily for
> each individual change ;) ).  I would like xotcl users who
> are interested to please read this TIP carefully, but to
> bear a few items in mind:

I feel slightly uneasy that debate about this TIP is occurring here and 
on the wiki, and yet notification of its existence hasn't even reached 
tcl-core yet. I have written some fairly substantial notes on the TIP at 
http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~nem/newoo.txt . These notes were supposed to 
be a post to tcl-core, but I don't want to further pre-empt the TIP 

I'm only an occassional XOTcl user, so my comments are aimed mostly at 
what I think would be consistent and useful for Tcl generally, and not 
consistency with XOTcl.

Anyway, many cheers to you all for kicking off this process.

-- Neil

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