[Xotcl] Class naming and creation

Zoran Vasiljevic zv at archiware.com
Tue Nov 22 15:18:44 CET 2005

On 22.11.2005, at 15:08, Gustaf Neumann wrote:

> Zoran, does this help? it will print
>   ::xotcl::Class wants to create Foo
>   ::Foo wants to create ::xotcl::__#1
>   ::Foo wants to create bar
> You can do this also selectively for certain classes via mixins, or  
> by defining
> an appropriate metaclass.

Ah, Gustaf, what would I do without you!?
This works perfectly! After all those years
of XOTcl'ing I should have come to that by
myself... But I'm now in great stress testing
our 2.0 release... so very short on time :-(

Thanks for the fast response. I will add this
into our code. The reason is: we have couple of
frequently used classes which take about 1 second
to load/create object (lots of internal stuff being
done) so I needed a simple re-use mechanism. Now
I can add simple caching of generated objects
per-thread which would speed-up certain operations
by factors of magnitude!


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