[Xotcl] Class naming and creation

Zoran Vasiljevic zv at archiware.com
Tue Nov 22 12:01:25 CET 2005

On 22.11.2005, at 11:17, Zoran Vasiljevic wrote:

> Hi!
> What I need to do sometimes is to be able to cache
> classes because their creation (in our case) might
> be a costly operation.

Actually "Object naming and creaion" should be the
correct subject, as I would really need to intercept
the "new" and "unknown" and install custom code when
somebody does:

    Foo new
    Foo bar


> For example:
>    Class HeavyClass
>    set hc [HeavyClass new]
>    $hc whatevermethod
> can be quite time consuming. What I'd like to do
> is to "cache" "things" created by "new" or even
> for:
>   HeavyClass hc
>   hc whatevermethod
> What would be the best way to achieve this caching?
> Thanks for help.
> Zoran
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