[Xotcl] XOTclIDE in version 0.70 updated for XOTcl 1.3.2

Artur Trzewik mail at xdobry.de
Sat Oct 23 16:02:23 CEST 2004


There is new version 0.70 of XOTclIDE ready on:

Main changes:
- adapted for XOTcl 1.3.2
- support for non postional arguments (new in XOTcl 1.3.2)
- user preferences setting (for editor and list fonts and background colors)
- many fixes and improvements of user usability (Michael Heca)
- improved class browser (MH)
- all browser supports paned windows (MH and AT)
- bugfixes by syntax parser 

XOTclIDE 0.70 was developed and tested with not official version of
XOTcl 1.3.2 but is still backwarts compatible with XOTcl 1.2

Many thanks to Michael Heca for many (more than 30) bug fixes,
improvements of usability and suggestions

starkits for XOTclIDE 0.70 are comming soon.

Artur Trzewik

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