[Xotcl] getting full name object

Uwe Zdun uwe.zdun at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu Oct 21 14:17:53 CEST 2004

Hi Artur,

if you invoke the object command (==ID) without any arguments, it 
returns the fully qualified name:

Object a
puts [a]

-> ::a


mail at xdobry.de wrote:

>I work currently with 1.3.2 and have one problem
>that relate to namespace handling.
>I would need new object method that could return full name of
>(similar to "namespace origin" command)
>I could not find any possibility to get it from
>build-in Object methods.
>I would expect that "self" or "my" on object would work.
>So I must programm new global Object instproc:
>Object instproc fullname {} { self }
>so it work
>Object a
>a fullname
>Is were any better possibility to get the same result?
>If not it could be idee to extend object base interface (for example
>info command)
>Artur Trzewik
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