[Xotcl] xotcllib?

Jeff Hobbs jeffh at ActiveState.com
Mon Oct 18 00:21:33 CEST 2004

> xow - A megawidget framework. This is a package that allows 
> xotcl objects to be megawidgets.

Does this handle the option db correctly, do composition
of megawidgets, handle focus and events right, etc.?

> xcentuate - a theme engine for tk. This isn't all that 
> important on windows, but on unix tk often needs a little 
> help looking good. This package provides a very simple method 
> of defining and changing the look of tk apps. It can even do 
> it on the fly.

I would not propagate this in favor of Tile.  There is
also already the 'style' package in tklib (which again
may be abortive when Tile becomes part of 8.5).  What
features does xcentuate really provide?  Should they not
just go into 'style'?

> xout - a unit testing framework. I know, I know, tcl already 
> provides one, tcltest. But I found tcltest to be too 
> cumbersome and clunky. I'd write some tests, but maintaining 
> those tests often was neglected because of the amount of 
> programming overhead needed to write complex test cases. xout 

Did you compare against tcltest v1 or v2?

> I mention all of this because if other have some handy xotcl 
> packages, I'd be interested in creating a formal xotcllib 
> project. Perhaps something at sourceforge. I'll be making 
> these available soon either way.

I think that would be a handy thing as an addon.

  Jeff Hobbs, The Tcl Guy
  http://www.ActiveState.com/, a division of Sophos

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