[Xotcl] Actiweb counter confusion...

Nicolas Boretos nicolas at maich.gr
Thu May 27 09:55:42 CEST 2004


Have had a chance to set up the actiweb framework and now trying out the 
This is really good stuff....

Going through the readme, one would expect that I should be able access 
the plain text interface via http://...path..:8091/c1, via a browser
but I get an error, in the browser.. (the counter2.xotcl example)

"invocation error: Object 'c1' unknown

Status Code 404: *Not Found*
Resource Name: c1"

and in the shell
::receiver::error ::ErrorMgr->invocationError ::receiver::start.html 
{Object 'c1' unknown} {}

I would have expected that a text representation would have been 
returned via .../c1
...web-c1 returns the html facade as expected...

Is this because we dont export to the receiver class, or am I missing 
something else?


nicolas boretos

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