[Xotcl] Updates for XOTclIDE and Xdobry

Artur Trzewik mail at xdobry.de
Tue Jul 13 17:17:09 CEST 2004


There is new version 0.61 of XOTclIDE ready on:

- new plug-in. I18N (Internationalization) Helper that can scan sources after
msgcat-library expresions, helps by translation and produce msg-catalogs.
- support of Oracle and MS Sql Server as version control database
- small bug-fixes
- requires Tcl8.4

Xdobry (database tool) in version 0.40 contains new features:
- can be used as database schema creation and manipulation tool
- can migrate data between all supported databases
- can dump databases to xml-dump and import it to every supported database.
- many bug fixes and refactoring
- supports: MS Access, Oracle, MS SQL Server
- updated documentation
- requires Tcl8.4
- deployed also as starkits for windows and linux.

Artur Trzewik

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