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Uwe Zdun uwe.zdun at uni-essen.de
Wed May 30 14:43:41 CEST 2001

On Monday 28 May 2001 19:02, Kristoffer Lawson wrote:
> On Mon, 28 May 2001, Gustaf Neumann wrote:
> >  Dear Kristoffer,
> >
> >  are you aware of the predefined methods "new" and "newChild" (the first
> > one simplifies only the call to autoname, while the second one creates a
> > new autonamed object as an aggregated child object). These convenience
> > methods are defined in the langRef. the definition of newChild is
> > below...
> Yes, I'm aware of them, but they do not do what I mean. I want to
> create an object as a child of an already existing object which != [self].
> "new" creates a new object, but not as an aggregate of another object,
> "newChild" creates a new object as the child of the calling object. These
> are very convenient and I use both a lot, but the method I proposed is
> for easily aggregating a new object to anything.

We would propose a new:

Class instproc newChildOf {obj args} {
  ::set name [[self] autoname -instance [namespace tail [self]]]
  ::eval [self] create ${obj}::$name $args

which would be almost identical to newChild, but allows for specifying an 
object name...


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