[Xotcl] XotclIDE announce

Artur Trzewik mail at xdobry.de
Thu May 10 22:00:13 CEST 2001


There are new Version 0.15 of xotclIDE
on my site

New futures:

1. databased control version system. All changes on the xotcl source are 
stored persistent to database on the fly. Also CompLoader to load 
applications from database. (Currently only mysql are tested)
You can return to every development state in the past, manage editions and
versions of components, classes, objects and methods

2. improved object inspector. To see and invoke mixins methods

3. simply configuration managment browser. To handle components sets and
make a xotcl distributions of your applications

4. improved component modell (currently only better tcl packages) to handle

5. more documentation and simple application

There can be many reasonable tools for xotclIDE.
I thing xotclIDE should be rather a set of tools than one application.
If you have any usefull tools for xotcl (tracker, profiler, optimizer, 
debugger) send them to me.
Bug reports and suggestions are welcome

Artur Trzewik 

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