[Xotcl] Filter broken on Win32 ver 0.91 & 0.93?

Sheik Yussuff sheik at carib-link.net
Tue Dec 18 23:15:24 CET 2001

It seems that filter is broken on the Win32 platform(ver 0.91
and ver 0.93).
The following code runs ok on Linux(XOTcl ver 0.91) but not
on the Win32 platforms(>= 0.91). I don't think my installation
is at fault.(library installed ok, etc) but I could be wrong.
I haven't tried ver 0.93 on Linux as I am waiting on the RPM.

Class A
A instproc ma args {
  puts "method ma of A"

A instproc f args {
  puts "filter f of A"

A instfilter f
A a
a ma

The Result on Win32:

method ma of A


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